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A Cleaner Planet With Green Energy. Conserving for a Better Tomorrow.

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Our Purpose

Hong Kong consumes an enormous amount of electricity, with the majority of it generated from coal and nuclear sources. According to Hong Kong Energy End-Use Data, Renewable Energy only accounted for 0.2% of Hong Kong’s total electricity consumption in 2018. In fact, Solar Energy alone only accounted for 0.004% of Hong Kong’s total electricity consumption.  In comparison, Renewable Energy made up 26.2% of the total global electricity consumption in 2018 and has risen to 27.7% in 2020.

Although Hong Kong has introduced initiatives to increase the production of Renewable Energy, such as the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, Hong Kong is still behind in Renewable Energy production. Many people are also unsure about installing green energy solutions due to a lack of understanding of Renewable Energy and the process of installing Solar Energy Systems. 

At Billion Smart Green Energy, we aim to make a positive change to our environment.

By educating our communities on the negative effects of fossil fuels and the benefits of renewable energy, we are accelerating Hong Kong’s transition towards a greener and cleaner home. 

We are dedicated to increasing Hong Kong’s Renewable Energy Consumption to a more competitive rate, striving towards the Global Renewable Energy consumption percentage. 


Our purpose at Billion Smart Green Energy is to provide you with the best solar energy solution that is safe, practical, and beneficial. We partner together with our stakeholders to educate them on the benefits of solar energy, evaluate various options, and make informed confident decisions.


Our Values

Promoting a green and healthy environment is the driving force of our pursuit.

We hope to make a long-lasting and positive impact on your life, the community, and the planet.

We work transparently with you. You can rely on us to do the right thing and make the right decisions.

We use the latest technology to provide you with creative solutions to address your needs.

Go Green Today!

Come join us in making Hong Kong a cleaner city

What makes Billion Smart Green Energy unique? 

Our dedication to you and our planet.


We guarantee your Solar Energy System is safe to install and use. Our team of Registered Structural Engineers, Installation Experts, Electricians and Project Managers will ensure that your Solar Energy Systems meet all regulations enforced by the Hong Kong Buildings Department and the Power Company.


Our goal is to be the leader in the green energy space, educating homeowners, businesses and the next generation to change the future and implement more sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Join us and be part of our exciting journey!

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